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Welcome to the forefront of commercial washroom solutions, where we specialise in supplying, designing, and fitting spaces that redefine functionality and style. Our commitment lies in delivering practical, yet aesthetically pleasing, solutions tailored to the unique needs of every environment.

County Washrooms proudly operates in Essex, London, and the South East, delivering unparalleled service and expertise to meet all commercial washroom needs in these regions.


In the supply phase, we prioritise quality materials for durability and longevity. Our focus on sustainability ensures that our offerings align with responsible business practices, contributing to a greener future.


In the design realm, we approach each Commercial Washroom Refurbishment project as an opportunity to blend creativity and functionality. Our team of designers strives to create spaces that not only meet high standards but also make a lasting impact on users. From modern minimalism to timeless designs, we strike a balance that enhances the overall user experience.


When it comes to fitting, our precision and expertise shine. Understanding the individuality of each space, our experienced commerical washroom installers tailor solutions to meet specific project requirements. Through careful planning and execution, we bring visions to life, ensuring seamless integration with aesthetic preferences and functional necessities.

Customer satisfaction is at the core of our approach in commercial washrooms. We work closely with clients to not only meet but exceed their expectations. Our turnkey solutions simplify the entire process, providing a comprehensive experience that covers supply, design, and fitting, leaving clients with washrooms that embody excellence.

Step into a world where practicality meets style. Join us on a journey where our designs transcend the ordinary, reflecting our dedication to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction. Welcome to a space where every detail serves a purpose and design meets functionality effortlessly to create the ultimate Commercial Washroom Refurbishment experience.

Types of commercial washrooms we provide for

With an extensive background in the industry, our seasoned team possesses the expertise to craft bespoke commercial washrooms tailored to diverse environments. From the opulent allure of luxury washrooms to the practical and vibrant spaces in primary and secondary schools, we bring a wealth of experience to every project. Our proficiency extends seamlessly to medical environments, ensuring hygienic and functional facilities. Offices, factories, and shops benefit from our innovative design solutions, promoting efficiency and aesthetics. For those seeking a touch of glamour in nightclubs and leisure settings, we infuse style into every detail. Nurseries find in us a partner in creating child-friendly and safe washrooms. Additionally, our expertise in designing unisex washrooms reflects our commitment to inclusivity. With a wealth of experience, we stand ready to transform spaces into exceptional, purpose-driven spaces.

Commercial washroom design service

Experience the excellence of our commercial washroom design services. Our dedicated team will schedule a consultation with you, providing a comprehensive overview of available products and tailoring a custom specification to suit your unique needs. Elevate your commercial space with a washroom that combines functionality and style—schedule a consultation today and let’s embark on the journey of transforming your vision into reality.

What’s included in our commercial washroom packages

Our all-encompassing package covers the commercial washroom design and install , ensuring a seamless and tailored approach to meet your specific needs.

Design Excellence: Our creative team excels in crafting innovative designs that harmonise functionality with aesthetics, transforming your vision into reality.

Cubicles: Tailored cubicle solutions are a focal point of our expertise, providing privacy and style in a variety of materials and configurations.

Sanitaryware: We source and supply premium sanitaryware, marrying elegance with functionality to create a hygienic and visually pleasing environment.

Accessories: From towel dispensers to soap dispensers, our range of accessories adds the finishing touches to your commercial washroom, combining practicality with design flair.

Lighting: Thoughtful lighting design is crucial for creating ambience. We integrate lighting solutions that enhance the overall atmosphere while ensuring optimal visibility.

Tiling: Our selection of high-quality tiles offers a variety of options for walls and floors, adding a touch of sophistication and facilitating easy maintenance.

Flooring: Durable and stylish flooring solutions are seamlessly integrated into our designs, meeting the demands of high-traffic commercial spaces.

Ceilings: We provide ceiling solutions that complement the overall design, incorporating both functional and aesthetic considerations.

Decorating: Our decorating services extend beyond functionality to create an inviting atmosphere, making your commercial washroom a pleasant and welcoming space.

Electrical Work: Our skilled team handles all electrical work with precision, ensuring safety and efficiency in every aspect of your washroom.

Carpentry Work: Custom carpentry solutions add a bespoke touch to your washroom, enhancing both form and function with expertly crafted elements.

View our commercial washroom fittings  portfolio and explore colours, textures and patterns

Dive into our commercial washroom portfolio to experience the perfect fusion of design innovation and functionality. Explore a spectrum of possibilities with our diverse projects, and don’t forget to browse through our extensive collection of various colours and swatches. Witness firsthand how County Washrooms transforms spaces into exceptional and tailored environments, offering a palette of options to match your unique aesthetic preferences.

Things to consider when installing your washroom

When considering commercial washroom refurbishment in Essex, there are several crucial factors to take into account to ensure a successful and tailored project:

Full or Part Refurbishment

Decide whether a comprehensive overhaul or a targeted partial refurbishment is more suitable for your needs and budget.

User Type

Consider the demographics and preferences of the individuals who will be using the washroom regularly.

Usage Per Day

Evaluate the frequency and intensity of use the washroom will experience daily to inform the durability and design requirements.

Design Considerations

Delve into the design aspects, including cubicles, wall cladding, flooring, sanitaryware, colours, and accessories.

Maintenance vs. Cleaning vs. Design

Strike a balance between maintenance requirements, cleaning efficiency, and the overall design aesthetics for a functional and visually appealing washroom.

Suppliers of Laminates and Products

Research and select reliable suppliers for laminates and other essential products to ensure quality and longevity.

Fit-Out Considerations

Plan the fit-out process carefully, considering the logistics and timeline of the project.

Strip Out – How Far to Go

Determine the extent of the strip-out process, balancing the need for a fresh start with cost and time considerations.

Materials Used

Explore various materials for cubicles, ducting, vanity units, lockers, and benches to find the best combination of durability and aesthetics.

Plumbing – Water, Waste

Assess plumbing requirements for water supply and waste disposal to ensure optimal functionality.

Brassware – Taps

Choose reliable and stylish brassware, including taps, to complement the overall design.

Sanitaryware – Manufacturer, Design

Select reputable manufacturers for sanitaryware, focusing on both quality and design aspects.

Electrical – Dryers, Lights, etc

Plan the electrical components, including hand dryers and lighting fixtures, for both efficiency and energy savings.

Ceilings and Carpentry:

Consider ceiling design and carpentry work to enhance the overall aesthetics and functionality.

Walls – Cladding, Tiling, Painting:

Decide on wall treatments, whether through cladding, tiling, or painting, based on durability and visual appeal.

Flooring – Anti-Slip Sheet or Tiled:

Evaluate flooring options, choosing between anti-slip sheet materials or tiled surfaces based on safety and maintenance considerations.


Plan the overall decorating scheme to create a cohesive and inviting atmosphere.

Accessories – Items, Finish:

Pay attention to accessory selection, considering both the type of items needed and their finishes for a polished look.

By carefully considering these factors, you can ensure that your commercial washroom refurbishment in Essex meets the specific needs of your space and users, resulting in a successful and well-designed project.


Design considerations include space optimisation, accessibility, hygiene, and compliance with relevant regulations.

Well-designed commercial washrooms incorporate durable materials, efficient fixtures, proper ventilation, and adequate lighting.

Accessibility can be enhanced through features like grab bars, wider doorways, and barrier-free layouts, ensuring compliance with accessibility standards.

Low-maintenance materials such as solid surfaces, stainless steel, and easy-to-clean tiles are popular choices to reduce upkeep efforts.

Consulting with professionals and staying informed about local building codes ensures that your commercial washroom meets all necessary regulations.

Many providers offer custom design and installation services to meet the specific needs and preferences of clients in various commercial sectors.

Exploring bamboo for commercial washrooms can offer sustainable and aesthetically pleasing solutions. What are the key advantages, and how does it contribute to eco-friendly and stylish restroom designs?


“Really helpful initial survey with some great ideas to keep things within a sensible budget and detailed quotation to enable fine-tuning.

Short lead time from instruction. The head office team kept me informed of progress and all delivered on budget with no surprises. on-site team is courteous and flexible. Good response to a minor follow-up issue.”