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County Washrooms is one the the UKs leading nursery toilet suppliers and provide a dedicated service in supplying, designing, and fitting nursery toilets – where safety, comfort, and ease of use take precedence. Our specially curated package offers a comprehensive solution to transform nursery washrooms into secure and enjoyable spaces for the youngest users. From Altro Non-Slip flooring to low toilets, semi-recessed sinks, and vibrant HPL nursery toilet cubicles, we prioritise creating an environment that aligns with the unique needs of small children. In fostering a nursery education that supports the development of key life skills, our washroom features work in harmony, encouraging independence as children grow. Experience the perfect blend of functionality and fun as we tailor our washrooms to meet the evolving needs of the youngest learners.

Why you should update the washrooms in your nursery?

When it comes to the learning of young people, there are several contributing factors that significantly enhance the overall learning environment for young children. Modern washrooms, designed with careful consideration for safety, comfort, and functionality, contribute to a positive and engaging educational experience. Tailored features, such as low toilets, secure HPL cubicles, and vibrant designs, not only meet the specific needs of small children but also create a welcoming and stimulating space. As one of the UKs leading nursery toilet suppliers, we understand just how important these small spaces can be in providing youngsters with that feeling of independence as they grow. This upgrade fosters a sense of independence, supports the development of key life skills, and ensures that the washroom facilities align with the evolving standards of early childhood education. Ultimately, a modern and tailored washroom enhances the overall quality of the nursery environment, promoting a positive educational journey for both children and educators alike.

Why choose us for your nursery toilets ?

Nurseries should consider reaching out to us for their washroom design requirements, as we specialise in tailoring solutions that seamlessly align with the unique spatial constraints of each nursery. Opting for our services ensures a bespoke design approach, guaranteeing that the washroom layout fits the available space optimally, all while prioritising safety, accessibility, and a child-friendly atmosphere. Furthermore, our unwavering commitment to excellence extends to sourcing only high-end materials, ensuring durability, hygiene, and a refined aesthetic. Whether you are looking to implement nursery toilet cubicles or you are looking to completely revamp your nursery toilets to fit with the overall theme of the colourful learning rooms, we have got the solution for you.

Service / Options For Your New Nursery Toilets

Our comprehensive washroom services encompass a wide array of features to ensure optimal functionality and aesthetics.

Cubicles: Solid-grade laminate, high-pressure laminate

Ironmongery: Polished aluminium

Ducting: Full/half height

Vanity Units: Solid surface / SGL

Flooring: Altro / Polyflor anti-slip

Tiling and Wall Coverings: Tiled, wall cladding

Ceilings: Metal frame plasterboard, suspended

Plumbing and Sanitaryware: Ideal Standard, Lecico, Vitra

Basins: Inset

Taps: Ideal Standard, Bristan

Urinals: Exposed traps

Toilets / Pans: Floor standing

Hand Dryers: Dyson / Warner Howard

Lights: LED

Painting and Decorating: Dulux, Crown

Accessories: Stainless steel

With these choices at your disposal, you have the flexibility to craft tailor-made nursery toilets  that not only meet but surpass your expectations in both functionality and aesthetics.


We prioritise safety by incorporating features such as low toilets, Altro Non-Slip flooring, and secure HPL cubicles to create a child-friendly environment.

We select robust materials like High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) for cubicles and fixtures, ensuring they withstand the wear and tear of frequent use.

Yes, our designs are flexible and can be tailored to align with the overall aesthetic of the nursery or educational institution.

The nursery package includes Altro Non-Slip flooring, low toilets, low semi-recessed sinks, and vibrant HPL cubicles, creating a secure and engaging space for small children.

Our design process takes into account the unique needs of small children, focusing on elements like low fixtures and bright, stimulating colours.

Yes, our designs adhere to safety standards and regulations to create a secure and compliant environment for young users.

We can incorporate various themes and colour schemes to create a visually appealing and engaging nursery washroom.

Yes, we conduct consultations to understand the unique requirements of each nursery, ensuring our designs cater to their specific needs.