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Transforming Spaces for Accessibility and Comfort

Welcome to our specialised service for Washroom Adaptations catering to the unique needs of individuals with disabilities. We take pride in our collaborative approach, bringing together occupational therapists, local authority surveyors, specialist suppliers, building owners, and disabled individuals to create adaptive spaces that prioritise both functionality and comfort.

Why Choose Us?

Coordination Expertise

We seamlessly coordinate the desires and demands of various stakeholders, acting as a bridge to maintain effective communication throughout the project.

Individualised Solutions

Our flexible and responsive approach allows us to cater to the diverse needs of disabled individuals, ensuring that each adaptation is tailored to meet specific requirements.

Smooth Project Execution

Our commitment to efficiency results in adaptations that not only meet individual needs but also cause minimal disruption, running smoothly and efficiently within the designated time and budget.

Services Offered

We specialise in a range of washroom adaptations, including:

  • Widening Doors: Enhancing accessibility by widening doors in private homes and public buildings.
  • Ramps and Steps: Building access ramps and steps to facilitate easy entry into properties.
  • Handrail Installations: Installing handrails for added support and stability.
  • Shower Adaptations: Offering solutions such as showers over baths and level-access showers for comfortable bathing experiences.
  • Downstairs WCs: Creating convenient and accessible downstairs toilets.
  • Home Extensions: Building extensions to accommodate specific needs.
  • Modular Buildings: Installing modular buildings tailored to accessibility requirements.
  • Lift Apertures: Adapting spaces for the installation of lifts.
  • Accessible Kitchens: Designing kitchens with options for both rise and fall and standard features.
  • Grab Rails: Supplying and fitting grab rails for enhanced support.

How It Works

  • Contact: Call us to discuss your needs and learn about our offerings.
  • Visit: We’ll meet with you at your home to assess the space and discuss potential adaptations.
  • Quote: After the assessment, we’ll provide a detailed quote with carefully matched products to meet your specific needs.
  • Instruct: Once you are satisfied with the quote, instruct us to proceed. Payment is only due upon completion of the work.
  • Follow-up: We care about your satisfaction. We’ll check in after 3 months to ensure everything is working as planned.

Get Started Today!

Whether you are considering a simple modification or a comprehensive adaptation, contact us today for a consultation. Let’s work together to create a space that promotes accessibility, comfort, and independence.

Note: All consultations and quotes are provided free of charge.


To start the process, simply contact us by phone or email. We will discuss your needs, schedule a visit to your home, and provide a detailed quote based on the assessment.

Our services include widening doors, building ramps and steps, installing handrails, adapting showers, creating downstairs WCs, building home extensions, installing modular buildings, lift apertures, accessible kitchens, and providing grab rails.

The timeline varies based on the scope of the project. We work efficiently to complete each stage with minimal disruption. After the initial contact, we’ll provide a detailed project schedule.

No, all consultations and quotes are provided free of charge. You only incur costs if you decide to instruct us to proceed with the adaptation work.

Yes, we offer end-to-end services, from the initial design phase to the final installation. Our team is experienced in coordinating with various stakeholders to ensure a smooth and efficient process.

Absolutely. Our approach is highly flexible, and we tailor adaptations to meet the individual needs of each client. During the consultation, we’ll discuss your preferences and requirements in detail.

We carefully plan and coordinate the project to minimise disruptions. This may involve scheduling work during non-business hours or completing the project in stages, depending on the specific requirements.

We conduct a follow-up visit three months after completion to ensure everything is working as planned. If any adjustments are needed, we address them promptly to ensure your satisfaction with the adapted space.