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Welcome to County Washrooms, where innovation and functionality come together to create state-of-the-art solutions for medical washroom environments. We specialise in crafting spaces that prioritise hygiene, safety, and durability, ensuring a clean and welcoming experience for both patients and healthcare professionals. Whether you are looking to redesign your hospital washroom or you are looking to refurbish a healthcare washroom in a GP surgery, we have the solution for you.

Hospital Washrooms & Healthcare Washrooms

Our custom-designed hospital washroom solutions are meticulously tailored to meet the unique needs of medical facilities. Along with the hospital washroom options, we also provide healthcare washroom installation for GP surgeries and other locations within the medical sector. We understand the critical importance of maintaining a sterile environment, and our packages are designed with this in mind.

Dental Practice Washrooms

Specifically created for dental practices, our Healthcare washroom refurbishment solutions are geared towards maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and comfort. We recognise the unique challenges of dental environments and have designed our heathcare washroom packages to address these specific requirements.

Specialised Medical Facilities Washrooms

In settings with specialised medical needs, such as laboratories or research facilities, our Healthcare washroom refurbishment packages offer advanced solutions. We prioritise the integration of features that cater to the unique demands of these environments, providing a seamless blend of functionality and hygiene.


At County Washrooms, we recognise the critical role of hygiene in medical settings. Our tailored heathcare washroom packages combine advanced functionality, safety measures, and a sleek design to transform medical washrooms into spaces that meet the highest standards. Choose County Washrooms for a comprehensive and customised approach to healthcare washroom refurbishment.


Our solutions are tailored to prioritise hygiene, safety, and durability, with features like antimicrobial surfaces, touchless fixtures, and customisable configurations to meet the specific needs of medical facilities.

We incorporate antimicrobial surfaces and touchless fixtures in our hospital and clinic washroom packages to minimise the risk of infections and provide a sterile environment.

Stainless steel accessories are resilient and easy to sanitise, ensuring maximum cleanliness in high-traffic medical settings.

Our dental practice washroom solutions include features such as seamless surfaces and compact design to ensure a confidential and comfortable experience for patients.

We design our washroom solutions with a compact layout, ensuring space efficiency without compromising functionality.

Yes, our washroom packages for specialised medical facilities include chemical-resistant surfaces, customisable configurations, and high-grade materials to meet specific environmental requirements.

We use high-grade materials and advanced hygiene systems to ensure longevity and resilience in demanding environments like laboratories or research facilities.

Yes, our solutions are designed to be suitable for wet and dry conditions, providing versatility and budget-friendly options.

Absolutely, our high education washroom packages offer a choice of heights to customise for added privacy or standard height for safety.

Simply click the “Get in touch for a consultation” button on our website, and our team will be happy to assist you in creating a comprehensive and customised medical washroom design.