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County Washrooms, is your dedicated partner in supplying, designing, and fitting hospitality washrooms that redefine comfort, style, and functionality. Our tailored approach ensures that every washroom aligns seamlessly with the unique ambience and spatial considerations of your hospitality venue. Elevate the guest experience with our specially curated hotel bathroom design package, featuring luxurious amenities and high-end materials or invest in washrooms for gyms to provide a pleasant experience to your customers, regardless of the sector they are in.

Why Upgrade Your Hospitality Washrooms?

Transform your hospitality venue with modern and tailored washrooms that significantly enhance the overall guest experience. Our designs prioritise careful consideration for safety, comfort, and a sophisticated aesthetic, contributing to a positive and memorable experience for your patrons. From elegant fittings and fixtures to vibrant designs, our washrooms not only meet but exceed the specific needs of hospitality settings. This upgrade fosters a sense of luxury, aligns with evolving standards, and ensures that your washroom facilities contribute to the overall ambience of your establishment. Whether you are looking for bar toilet design for your new business venture or you are looking to revamp with cafe toilet design, this is the perfect way for your business to stand out from the rest.

Why Choose Us for Your Hotel Bathroom Design?

Opt for County Washrooms to ensure a washroom design that complements the unique atmosphere of your hospitality venue. Our bespoke approach guarantees that the washroom layout maximises available space, prioritising safety, accessibility, and a luxurious atmosphere for your guests. We go above and beyond by sourcing only premium materials, ensuring durability, hygiene, and an opulent aesthetic. With an emphasis on quality and precision, our hospitality and restaurant toilet design options not only cater to the specific needs of hospitality settings but also enhance the overall standard of your establishment, providing a sophisticated, comfortable, and visually pleasing environment for your guests.

Service / Options For Your Washroom & Hotel Bathroom Design 

Our comprehensive hospitality washroom services offer a range of features to create washrooms that balance optimal functionality and exquisite aesthetics.

Cubicles: Solid-grade laminate, high-pressure laminate

Ironmongery: Polished stainless steel

Ducting: Full/half height

Vanity Units: Marble, solid surface

Flooring: Luxury vinyl tiles, anti-slip

Tiling and Wall Coverings: Decorative tiles, wall cladding

Ceilings: Decorative suspended ceilings

Plumbing and Sanitaryware: Luxury brands – Villeroy & Boch, Hansgrohe, Duravit

Basins: Countertop, under-counter

Taps: High-end designer taps

Urinals: Concealed traps

Toilets / Pans: Wall-hung, concealed cisterns

Hand Dryers: Dyson Airblade, high-speed

Lights: Designer LED lighting

Painting and Decorating: Bespoke colour schemes

Accessories: Stainless steel, luxury finishes

With these options, you have the flexibility to craft tailor-made hospitality washrooms that not only meet but exceed guest expectations in both functionality and aesthetics.


  • We focus on high-end materials, elegant finishes, and premium fixtures to create a sophisticated and luxurious atmosphere.
  • Our selection of materials prioritizes durability, ensuring a lasting and premium appearance even in high-traffic hospitality settings.
  • Absolutely, our designs are flexible and can be tailored to align with the unique theme and ambience of your hospitality venue.
  • Our packages include luxury flooring, designer taps, bespoke colour schemes, and premium sanitaryware, creating a lavish and inviting space for guests.
  • Well-designed and luxurious washrooms enhance the overall guest experience, providing a comfortable and stylish environment that complements the hospitality setting.
  • Yes, our consultations ensure that our designs align with the unique requirements and ambience of your hospitality venue.
  • Our designs strike a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, ensuring a visually pleasing washroom that also meets the practical needs of your guests.
  • We partner with luxury brands such as Villeroy & Boch, Hansgrohe, and Duravit to provide top-tier plumbing and sanitaryware solutions.
  • Our expertise lies in tailoring washroom designs to suit the unique requirements and upscale ambience of high-end hospitality venues.

Choosing County Washrooms ensures that your hospitality washrooms reflect the sophistication and luxury synonymous with your brand, creating an unforgettable experience for your guests.